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Shawl with fur

Shawl with fur

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Détails sur la livraison

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Shawl embellished with recycled fur

When comfort rhymes with elegance.
With jeans, a dress or over a coat, your imagination is the only limit to the occasions to wear it.

  • Recycled fur: silver fox

Model pictured is 5'2".


20% wool 80% polyester

Recycled fur



Recommended maintenance

Here are some tips that will help you keep your product longer!

  • Keep your purchase in a place that is not too dry, to help the leather of the fur not to dry out prematurely. Conversely, do not keep your purchase in a place that is too humid, because the fur tends to absorb the smells of humidity.
  • If wet, air dry, avoid all heat sources such as dryer, clothes dryer, wood stove.
  • Do not store your purchase in a box or bag where the fur is crushed. To help keep the volume of it.
  • You can brush the fur with a small hair brush to restore volume.
  • Rubbing the fur in fresh snow will help restore volume and luster to the fur.

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