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Scarf with recycled fur

Scarf with recycled fur

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Détails sur la livraison

Prévoir un délai de 24-48 heures ouvrables pour l'expédition de votre colis.

Nous offrons la livraison gratuite pour toutes les commandes de plus de 100$ à travers le Québec.

Twisted collar with recycled fur

The thickness of the knit will keep you warm while allowing this heat to escape during physical activity to avoid sweating, because it is important to stay dry.
More sensitive skin will be satisfied by the mixture of acrylic and quality wool.

The twist gives volume to the collar while maintaining ease around the neck. As a bonus, if you forgot your tuque, you can lift it up to hide your ears.

The color combinations will allow easy matching with all your coats.


  • Scarf: 25% merino wool 75% acrylic
  • Recycled fur, silver fox

Toque: 100% Merino wool, Removable recycled fur pompom

Care: Refer to the fur care page

Recommended maintenance

Here are some tips that will help you keep your product longer!

  • Keep your purchase in a place that is not too dry, to help the leather of the fur not to dry out prematurely. Conversely, do not keep your purchase in a place that is too humid, because the fur tends to absorb the smells of humidity.
  • If wet, air dry, avoid all heat sources such as dryer, clothes dryer, wood stove.
  • Do not store your purchase in a box or bag where the fur is crushed. To help keep the volume of it.
  • You can brush the fur with a small hair brush to restore volume.
  • Rubbing the fur in fresh snow will help restore volume and luster to the fur.

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